Tamilnadu Express that runs between New Delhi and Chennai is an important fast train in India. Chennai is the capital of Tamilnadu and hence the name Tamilnadu Express. Interestingly this train has only one stop in Tamailnadu, that is at Chennai Central. Tamailnadu Express is practically a cross country train starting from the southeast towards the north west.

There are a few reasons for its popularity. First of all it is the fastest train in its class between Chennai and Delhi. The Grand Trunk Express, the nearest comparable train follows the same route but takes 2 hours more than Tamilnadu Express. Between Chennai and New Delhi

The second point is its punctuality. There is a perception that Tamilnadu Express is relatively more punctual than other alternatives in this route. That is partially because its limited number of stops in the schedule ( stops only at Vijayawada Jn , Warangal,Balharshah ,Nagpur ,Itarsi Jn , Bhopal Jn ,Jhansi Jn , Gwalior , Agra Cantt and H. Nizamuddin between Chennai and Delhi). On the Delhi – Chennai route , the train doesn’t stop at H. Nizamuddin, making this journey 20 minutes shorter than the Chennai-Delhi journey.

Tamilnadu Express holds many distinctions. This is the first such train service to start between a state capital to the federal capital. Tamilnadu Express was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1976. The rest of the southern states followed the suit. Express trains like Andhra Pradesh Express, Karnataka Express and Kerala Express were commissioned later. But none of it could beat Tamilnadu Express in speed. The closest contender is the Andhra Pradesh Express between New Delhi and Hyderabad in its limited halt pattern.

The only two trains faster than Tamilnadu Express in this route are the Chennai-New Delhi Rajadhani Express and the Garib Rath . But both of these trains are upscale bi-weekly/weekly expresses. Tamilnadu Express operates daily and that is another reason for its popularity.

TN Express runs Chennai – Vijayawada 430 kilometers non stop in both ways of journeys making it the longest non stop stretch in its journey.

The typical Tamilnadu Express is 24 coaches long, making one of the longest trains in India. So find out your coach position before hand as scrambling from one end to the other end of this train in the last minute is not an enviable task. Coach configuration consists of all the standard classes.That is 1 AC , 2 AC , 3 AC , 2 SL and unreserved coaches . The pantry and luggage van are additionally attached.

2184 Kilometers (1357 miles ) are covered in two nights and a day. That meas Tamilnadu Express leaves in the night from either end and reaches its destination in the morning of the day after. The popularity of Tamilnadu Express means high demand for its seats. So plan ahead and reserve your seats well in advance.

The approximate fare between New Delhi and Chennai is 1AC : Rs3386 (72 USD ) , 2AC: Rs1997 ( 43 USD ) , 3AC : Rs 1455 ( 31 USD ) , 2SL : Rs537 (12 USD ) and Unreserved : Rs 297 ( 6 USD ).

Now a word of caution about the details provided here. Indian Railways do change the train schedule, though not very frequently. And that might not reflect on this page on a regular basis. So use this as a starting point for your research. Of course you can easily check with any of the Indian Railways website for the latest information about any trains in India.

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